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Estonian Design on 3daysofdesign Festival

Neljapäev 03.09.2020 to Laupäev 05.09.2020
Embassy of Estonia in Copenhagen

We are glad to present five exiting Estonian brands attending the 3daysofdesign festival in Copenhagen.

Tallinn Design House will display an exhibition “Reconsider the Love for Nature” by presenting Estonian brands – Plyland, Ra Sun, SEOS, Jaanus Orgusaar and Sortaider. They are the pioneers in love for nature by merging smart use of materials and sustainable mindset into aesthetically pleasing design.

Borealis Ltd started in 2010 as a family business with Jaanus Orgusaar the head designer and Margit Lillak the sales and marketing manager. Our focus has always been sustainably produced perfectioned design objects made of natural materials – birch plywood mainly. As most of the furniture objects are flat pack our aim has been exporting with small shipping footprint. Our bestseller products have been the Comb series shelves that have been popular with the audience all over Europe. Besides furniture we have a tiny architecture branch producing small self-sustainable living units for nature getaways advocating for simple clean living.

About the designer. Jaanus Orgusaar is an inventor and designer who dives straight to the primal source – his work is inspired by nature’s geometry that makes his objects clearly distinguishable. His trademark is the construction of three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional sheet material through inventive patterns. As a passionate experimenter he plays with structures resulting in surprising design and architectural objects.

Contact information https://www.jaanusorgusaar.com/


Ra Sun specializes in quality handcrafted soft furniture, which is a combination of functionality and unique design, made of the best available materials and a highly professional team.

RaSun’s clients are home owners and decorators who appreciate timeless design that does not become age as the trends change. Our products are enjoyed in homes, offices, hotels and other public spaces mostly in Estonia, but they also have representation in Finland and soon in the Netherlands.

About the designers. RaSun was created by the two brothers, Allan and Raivo Prooso in 2010, by restoring old furniture and creating custom-made furniture for restaurants and bars. The passion and knowledge about restoring and creating furniture was passed down from their grandfather, who was a carpenter. His legacy is now continued by his grandsons.

Contact information https://www.rasun.ee/?lang=eng&id=107


SEOS is designer Tõnis Vellama’s studio, which was founded over 20 years ago to provide custom solutions for lighting.

Today, SEOS has a small collection of handmade lamps and modern chandeliers: “It is essential to us, that our customers enjoy flexibility. As an example, we offer a range of special colors and individual modifications to accommodate any personal interior style and requirements.”

Their customers include concert halls, hotels, embassies and other public spaces, that have been equipped with unique installations – from initial design process to final product delivery.

About the Designer. Tõnis Vellama studied product design in Estonian Academy of Art and has been fascinated by lamps since graduation. He has also been studying and working in Denmark in Holbæk Kunsthøjskolen before starting his own enterprise. His lamp designs are a combination of clean shape, functionality and a twist of romantic minimalism.

Contact information http://seos.ee/


SortAider’s beginnings lie in the need for waste sorting in domestic settings. They envisioned an ideal all-inclusive solution, made of natural material, that looks esthetic and is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Thus, their first designs were put on paper, leading finally to premium quality products that are made of birch plywood and are easy to combine with one another as required to set up a sorting station – a SortAider. Today, SortAider can be found in domestic households and is in daily use by various well-known companies.

About the Designer. SortAider’s sorting solution was created 5 years ago by their designers Gert and Johannes, adhering to a functional and tasteful style.

Contact information https://sortaider.com/


In PLYLAND, they play with wood. They infuse Nordic birch plywood with bright colours to create exciting rythms and a totally unique type of wood. Their products are valued in both private homes and office atmospheres.

They stand for practical wasteless design and quality craftmanship to ensure a long lifecycle of their products. Each product is carefully designed considering the principles of circular economy & ecological safety aspects for both users and the environment.

With their wall covering material PlyWall, they recycle furniture industries spare-over materials to save them from becoming a production waste and giving them a new, fancier life.

About the designer. PLYLAND started as an accident. The initial material concept was born in the hands of product designer Helen Teigar during her furniture design studies at Pallas Art College. One part of a prototype she was working on, broke at the last minute and she had to replace it with materials close by. After she glued different colors of veneer together and the outcome was astonishing – a new plywood concept was born.

Contact information: https://www.plyland.com/

Our showroom is opened at the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia
Frederiksgade 19, 4th floor, Copenhagen, Denmark
Thursday 10-18
Friday 10-18
Saturday 10-14

Neljapäev 03.09.2020 to Laupäev 05.09.2020
Embassy of Estonia in Copenhagen