Estonian School

Copenhagen Estonian School and Children’s Club Society were established in 2013 at the initiative of active parents in order to teach and preserve the Estonian language and spirit in Denmark.

The school and children’s club meet at the Vanløse Kulturstation once a month on Sunday.

For school children, there is an Estonian language lesson in a separate room, taught by Liisi Kedik. In lessons, students practice the Estonian language in all forms, both together and separately, orally and in writing. The tasks are adapted to the individual level of each child.

Urmas Lepik supervises the activities of children up to six years of age in the children’s club. In the children’s club, children play, sing, do hands-on activities and learn about Estonian calendar holidays.

A couple of times a year, they also meet outside the classrooms and club rooms. For example, they visit museums together, and the school also organizes an Estonian Christmas party in cooperation with the Estonian embassy.

Copenhagen Estonian School and Children’s Club is a family organisation, where parents can also get together, chat and discuss life. Ideas, suggestions and helping hands are always welcome.

The activities of Copenhagen Estonian School and Children’s Club are led by volunteer parents. The Estonian Institute and the membership fee of the organizsation help to cover operational costs, such as the rent of the premises.

More information can be found on the Facebook page: or by writing to [email protected]

The Global School (Üleilmakool) of the Association of Education in Estonian provides Estonian children living outside Estonia with the opportunity to take e-courses, and is in charge of developing e-basic school (lower-secondary education).

Photo credits: Mariliis Kundla