Defence Cooperation

The mutual defence cooperation between Estonia and Denmark is based on strong work-related contacts and long-term traditions. Denmark was one of the main supporters and mentors of the development of the Estonian defence institutions in the 1990s. The entire framework of Baltic defence cooperation has been largely based on the expertise and knowledge of Danish advisers.

Denmark has made a significant contribution to strengthening security in our region. In 2018, Danish soldiers are contributing to the eFP in Estonia and they are on air policing mission in Lithuania. In cooperation with Denmark, Estonia and Latvia are creating a second command unit, the Multinational Divisional Headquarters North, in the Baltic region.

Denmark has been contributing a staff officer to the Estonian NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) since 1 August 2016.

Estonian participation in Operation Inherent Resolve started in August 2016 when a six-member training team of the Estonian Defence Forces started serving in the Anbar Province as part of the Danish contingent. The main task of the training team is to train members of the Iraqi security forces.

 The Defence Forces cooperate closely with the Danish Home Guard on the basis of a bilateral cooperation plan, which is renewed every year. The joint events that deserve a mention include the continuing cooperation between the school of the Defence League and the school of the Danish Home Guard – both organise various courses and training involving each other. The cooperation of the schools in the establishment of the National Guard of Georgia is continuing. The Danish Home Guard has been one of the most important partners of the Defence League through the years, which is why high-level meetings are also often held.

The Estonian Defence Attaché resides in Stockholm. The Defence Attaché is responsible for information exchange, bilateral military cooperation and the areas of defence and international security policy.

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Photo credits: Kaitsevägi