Estonian School

The Copenhagen Estonian School and Children’s Club Society were established in 2013 at the initiative of active parents in order to teach and preserve the Estonian language and spirit in Denmark.

The Children’s Club meets at the Vanløse Kulturstation once a month on Sunday. All children up to six years of age are welcome to join the club. Children in the club play, sing, practice handicrafts and learn about the Estonian folk calendar. The teachers are Helen Sørensen and Katrin Lindstrøm.

Estonian language classes for children in years 0 to 6 take place on Saturday mornings in the Copenhagen Native Language School (Modersmålsskolen, Enghave plads 21). The classes are free of charge.

Registration information can be requested from the teacher, Liisi Kedik

Please send an e-mail to or call the school principal, Helen Sørensen, on +4560829559 if you need further information about the Copenhagen Estonian School and the Children’s Club Society.

Photo credits: Mariliis Kundla