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Cultural Relations

Estonia and Denmark are linked by historical ties. Legend has it that the Danes received their flag, the Dannebrog, in Estonia. Namely, the Danes were about to lose a battle with the Estonians near Tallinn in 1219 when a red flag with a white cross suddenly fell from the sky. The Danes then conquered Harjumaa and Virumaa. Northern Estonia was a separate part of the Kingdom of Denmark as a duchy in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Small coat of arms of Tallinn

Small coat of arms of Tallinn

This is still evident in the small coat of arms of Tallinn – Taani linn, i.e. the Danish Town, which has a red background with a white cross.

15 June 2019 was the 800th anniversary of the legend that explains the emergence of the Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark. The jubilee year Dannebrog 800 offered a great opportunity to tell the story of the shared history of two countries by the Baltic Sea and to positively highlight the mutual relations in both countries.

Concerts showcasing Estonian artists, bands and music have been organised in Denmark – all genres have been covered. The best Estonian films have been screened during the East by Southeast film festival. Estonian artists also find their way to theatre and art festivals. Estonian literature is translated into Danish and vice versa.

Maria Faust at Brorson’s Church

The Embassy welcomes and, when possible, supports the intensification of cultural relations so that as many Danish people as possible get the chance to experience the excellent creative works of Estonians.

Piip ja Tuut in Kongens Have                                 (Photo credits: Mariliis Kundla)

Take a look what Estonian Institute does – Estonian culture is happening not far from you at all times!

The Danish Cultural Institute is based in Riga and the scope of their activity covers also Estonia and Lithuania.