Estonian exhibitors at 3daysofdesign Copenhagen 23rd to 25th May 2019

This year  Embassy of Estonia together with  Enterprise Estonia  and  Loov Eesti exhibits number of exciting Estonian brands at 3daysofdesign festival. Soft and hard, light, dark and transparent. Estonian embassy is open for the visitors during the 3DD from Thursday, Friday 10-18 and Saturday 10-14.


Meet the designers TALKS at the Estonian embassy take place Thu, May 23 at 17 – 18 and Fri, May 24 at 10 – 11.


House of LA, original hand made rugs by Annike Laigo


House of LA is a brand for high quality handmade rugs, “We have our own collection of rugs with more than 50 designs and offering several services of customisation. Almost every handmade rug in the collection can be customised by changing the size, colour, material or shape. We aim at making new designs or produce custom rugs for other designers and architects. Our rugs are suitable for commercial and residential use and take 2-4 weeks to handcraft.”

Behind the brand is designer Annike Laigo, with reference to initials LA in the brand. Annike has more than 20 years of experience with crafting and distributing rugs for private clients working with interior architects. She has studied textile design at Kolding Designschool, Aalto Academy in Finland and at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Annike has won several prizes for her innovative rugs – 3D Stripe a wavy structured wool rug, Glowbug – a prototype wool rug that glows in dark, Float – gradient dyed rug. Annike’s latest design “Vista” plays on the gradient theme, introducing a novel, delicate and dreamy effect into the rug design.


Radis – birch plywood furniture

Radis designs and produces shelves and sideboards from birch plywood, also with oak veneer, “In addition, we have a great collection of dining-tables, TV-stands and bed-frames. Our focus is on Nordic design with a twist. Our customers have told us they love our products and designs because it is uncommon and simple.

We have always focused on plywood, because it is a natural and strong material. Our items can be assembled several times with no problems. We keep the shelves thin and flat-packed and try to be as environmental friendly as possible throughout our value chain.”

Our re-sellers are design-furniture oriented e-shops and showrooms. 60% of our sales is export to mainly Germany and France.

Radis started as a family company by Raul Abner and his son Mauri Abner in 2010. Radis originally started as a garden furniture company, then moved towards children’s furniture and now they have found their true niche in living room furniture.


SEOS lamps by Tõnis Vellama 


SEOS is designer Tõnis Vellama’s Studio, which was founded over 20 years ago to provide custom solutions for lighting.

Today, SEOS has a small collection of handmade lamps and modern chandeliers: “It is essential to us, that our customers enjoys flexibility. As an example we offer a range of special colors and individual modifications to accommodate any personal interior style and requirements.”

Our customers include concert halls, hotels, embassies and other public spaces, that have been equipped with unique installations – from initial design process to final product delivery.

Tõnis Vellamaa has studied product design at the Estonian Academy of Art and has been fascinated with lamps since his graduation. In addition, Tõnis has been studying and working in Denmark at Holbæk Konsthøjskole and Jacob Jensen Design, his distinctive personal style is described as romantic minimalism.


VERANDA glass by Birgit Pählapuu

Veranda is a set of handcrafted red and white wine glasses, champagne and shot glasses. All glasses come in six different varieties: three with blue, red and green stems, and three with blue, red and green feet. The handcrafted design is inspired by the way the sun overflows a porch while honoring the legacy of the 18th century glass designer, Johannes Lorup.  Birgit Pählapuu was inspired to start her company when she studied glass design in Prague, which ultimately led to the first product launch in 2016.

Veranda glasses are shown at design galleries as glass art and sold in interior design and wine shops: “Our customers are usually looking for something special and different. Our customers value the handcrafted design, the emotions and the story it tells above anything else.”

The designer Birgit Pählapuu studied glass art at the Estonian Academy of Art. She works with glass because it is her artistic way of expression: “Glass is a material that you wish to get to know more and more.” She believes that glass is able to reflect a part of her back into her surroundings. All she wants, is to stay on a path on where she can remain lovingly critical towards herself and her designs.


SILEN SPACE room in a room

Silen Spaces are comfortable and modular silent rooms for open spaces. The modular concept enables you to change the room whenever you need it. By adding a module you can upgrade any space to fit six people, apart from the module Space 1. All modules have hidden wheels and adjustable legs which make them quickly movable and easily installable, even on uneven surfaces. The modules can be attached and detached swiftly and simply, allowing you to create your space for your needs

Silen Space has distributors in the furniture industry worldwide, from Scandinavia to US, Australia and Dubai.

Silen Spaces was born out of a wish to feel free, we wanted to create a space that supports a mind on an exploration. We introduced our first generation of silent spaces at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2007.

In 2018 we introduced our new generation Silen Spaces at ID Helsinki fair in Finland and have showcased our products at the Orgatec fair in Germany, at the Dubai Design Week, our next fair is Neocon in Chicago 10-12th of June, see you there?


Raili Keiv porcelain

Raili Keiv’s products are mainly tableware. “Estonia  is a country covered with forest and our natural environment inspires my tableware. The Wood pattern is calm and a natural background for food and drinks. My clients are people who still value unique products and local and sustainable production.”

Raili Keiv studied ceramics and product design at the Estonian Academy of Arts and had exchange studies in both Germany and Denmark.

She has participated in exhibitions worldwide, but now she’s focused on developing her studio line, which is about everyday tableware.


Groveneer oak veneer patterns

Groveneer is a Red Dot awarded natural wooden wall cover with a unique “peel-and-paste” application. You can turn any surface into a decorative wooden pattern without any tools or skills.

Groveneer is perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professional architects and designers.
Our private customers enjoy the quick and easy application and the satisfaction of creating a natural wall on their own. Our professional customers like the versatility of the product and the different colours and patterns, with almost limitless combinations at hand.

Groveneer is a new trend from the Estonian design scene. The first year it has been awarded with Red Dot and is now a finalist in the TV show “Ajujaht” – the Estonian version of “Shark Tank”.

Estonia is known for its innovative digital society and pure and serene nature. Groveneer brings both elements together, by combining high-tech technology and Nordic woodworking experience.


RaSun furniture


RaSun specializes in quality handcrafted soft furniture, which is a combination of functionality and unique design, made of the best available materials and a highly professional team.

Our clients are homeowners and interior designers, who in addition to tasteful and timeless design, appreciate durability and reliability in furniture. Ra Sun is distributing mainly in Estonia but is also represented in Finland.

Ra Sun was created by the two brothers, Allan and Raivo Prooso in 2010, by restoring old furniture and creating custom-made furniture for restaurants and bars. The passion and knowledge about restoring and creating furniture was passed down from their grandfather, who was a carpenter. His legacy is now continued by his grandsons.