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DALO Industry Days

The 11th DALO (The Danish Ministry of Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organisation) Industry Days took place on August 23-24 in Copenhagen. The Industry Days is the largest exhibition in Denmark of equipment primarily from the defence Industry hosting 400 Danish and foreign exhibitors from the defence industry and over 4000 participants. The DALO Industry Days is a unique opportunity to facilitate dialogue between the defence industry, technical caseworkers and commanders from DALO, representatives from the Danish Defence and public authorities. Moreover, it is a unique opportunity to meet government representatives from many European countries and their defence and procurement agencies.

In collaboration with EAS the following Estonian companies were present at the exhibition: Wayren, TrackDeep, KappaZeta Ltd, Vegvisir, DefSecIntel Solutions, MARU Defence, Nordic Armoury and Estonian Defence and Aerospace Industry Association. Read more about the companies here: DALO Industry Days 2023 — Trade with Estonia