CRAS Ensemble presents the concert: René Eespere 65 years


Concert byCRASRene Eespere 65

CRAS Ensemble presents the concert: René Eespere 65 years

The renowned Estonian composer, René Eespere turns 65, and that anniversary will be celebrated by the Danish guitar sixtet, CRAS Ensemble, with a birthday concert in the Rundetårns Library Hall on Thursday, December 13th. 19:00.

The concert program consists of 3 works by René Eespere (including a first performance), as well as works by 3 local composers: Lasse Winterbottom, Jan-Inge Wijk (DK / SE) and Santiago Gutierrez Bolio (DK / MEX).

René Eespere is an award winning composer and professor at the Estonian Academy of Music, and he describes his music as a meeting between the contradictions of human existence: genuine joy, ritual patos and Weltschmertz.

As a composer he is wellknown in his homeland, and his music is performed by leading ensembles and orchestras worldwide. In addition, he has written a large number of works for guitars, and he must be regarded as a major composer for the spread of guitar music – including music for major guitar ensembles.

Welcoming support from the Estonian embassy has enabled René Eespere to travel to Copenhagen to attend this concert.

The CRAS Ensemble is a guitar sixtet dedicated to the music and art of our time. The ensemble was founded in 2017, and has already startet a series of initiatives that emphasize the group’s goal of being a catalyst for collaborating with a wide range of artistic forms of expression.

Current projects include: A dance show about young people, social media and digital bullying (with pre-recorded stories of students from two Danish schools), and a great work about the 6 senses with new music by 6 Danish composers.

Former and current collaborators include: New circus artist Ida Langkilde, visual artist Mina Paasche and dancer Clara Wärme Otterstrøm, as well as composers Hugi Gudmundsson, Jeppe Just, Peter Bruun, John Frandsen, Ivan Olsen and José Luis Hurtado (MEX).

DATE: Thursday, December 13, 2018.TIME: 19.00

LOCATION: Round Tower Library Hall

BILLETTERS: 150/80 kr.


The Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen and The Augustinus Foundation