Edward von Lõngus lands in Copenhagen

Mysterious Estonian street artist Edward von Lõngus lands in Copenhagen on November 16 as part of the European (R)estart Reality tour, an innovative art project celebrating the 100th anniversary of Estonia, as well as its presidency of the Council of the E.U.

After Brussels, Rome, and Helsinki, the streets of Copenhagen will host a gallery of charaacters created by von Lõngus. Inspired by Estonia´s past, his more than century-old characters travel through time and come to life through augmented reality, under the curious gaze of visitors.

At first site hanging peacefully on the walls, the invite passersby to get to know them. Meet Ats#Pets, a duo of electric bagpipe players, or Miina and Enn, who who’ve been attacked by an anti-graffiti clean-up team in Tallinn, before they were shut up in an internet server due to a malfunction in a time-travel machine.

Using a smartphone or tablet screen, they reveal their crazy stories full of humor and references to internet culture and Estonian history. The free (R)estart Reality app, available for download on the App Store or Google Play, allows visitors to bring these characters to life.


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