800th anniversary of the Danish national flag

14-15/06 The Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen and several Estonian entrepreneurs take part in the celebrations of the 800th anniversary of the Danish national flag, the Dannebrog, in Själland in Vordinborg. During this great festival, a large Estonian area of Enterprise Estonia, Organic Estonia, the Tallinn Creative Incubator and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is opened to showcase modern Estonia to Danish visitors. A pop-up Olde Hansa restaurant is also open. A business diplomacy event is held in Vordingborg to bring together entrepreneurs from Estonia and Själland. Estonians are represented by Kristel Kuslapuu, Jalg, Turbliss, Chaga Health, WIBE, Tõrvaaugu and many other brands.

Additional information: https://vordingborg.dk/dannebrog800/program/