Taani linn – Tallinn 800

Saturday 15.06.2019 to Saturday 01.05.2021

Tallinn 800 https://tallinn800.ee/en/

In 2019, Tallinn will celebrate its 800th anniversary. Precisely that much time has passed since the first specific mention of the region of Tallinn in written sources in connection to the crusades of Danish King Valdemar II to Northern Estonia in 1219. You are welcome to visit exhibitions dedicated to Tallinn, short from Taani linn that translates to Danish town.

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From stronghold to town – the birth of the Danish town 800 years ago


22 May 2019 – May 2021
City Museum, Vene 17
Open May–September 10–18
October–April Tue 10–20, Wed-Sat 10-17, Sun 10-16

The exhibition about the development of the city looks at how old the settlement is around Tallinn. When does a settlement become a city? What happened during the crusade of Valdemar II of Denmark and what were the early years under Danish rule like? The detailed reconstructions of Tallinn during the Danish era (created by artist Jaana Ratas) and the animated overview of the various stages in the construction of the city were created according to archaeological data. The archaeological material is provided for the exhibition by the Archaeological Research Collection of Tallinn City Museum and Tallinn University. Items have been added from Tartu and Riga for comparative purposes. The curator of the exhibition is Erki Russow.

Dannebrog – the flag that fell from the sky: the golden age of Danish art

16 June – 13 October 2019
Kadriorg Art Museum, Weizenbergi 37
Open Tue, Thu–Sun 10–18, Wed 10–20

To commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Danish national flag, the Dannebrog, a broad selection of the best art from the Danish Golden Age will be exhibited for the first time in Estonia. Danish art from the first half of the 19th century is closely related to national self-awareness and the development of a new ruling order. The most important masterpieces of the Golden Age are included. In cooperation with the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK), the Danish Cultural Institute and the Danish Embassy in Estonia.

Dannebrog and Estonia 1219–2019

15 June 2019 – May 2020
Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum, Komandandi tee 2
Open May–September 9–18
October–April Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 10–17, Thu 10-20

The joint exhibition organised by the Danish Museum of National History at Frederiksborg and Tallinn City Museum commemorates 800 years since the Battle of Lyndanisse on 15 June 1219. The exhibition provides an overview of the background and events of the Battle of Lyndanisse, the Danish periods of rule in Estonia 1219–1227 and 1238–1346, as well as the Danish monarchy at that time. The Battle of Lyndanisse has later become associated with the legend of the Dannebrog, the national flag of Denmark, falling from the sky. The display also introduces the Order of the Dannebrog and the symbols of the Dannebrog and the three lions in the heraldry of Tallinn and Estonia. The exhibition will be opened by Her Majesty, Margrethe II of Denmark, it will remain open until May 2020. The exhibition of the Dannebrog legend in Estonian art and heraldry will become a permanent exhibition in the vaulted cellar of the Maiden Tower. Curators from the Danish Museum of National History at Frederiksborg and Tallinn City Museum collaborated in putting the exhibition together.

Updates about Dannebrog-events in Estonia from https://www.facebook.com/Dannebrog800Estonia100/.

Saturday 15.06.2019 to Saturday 01.05.2021