European Parliamentary elections, May 2019

  • European Parliamentary elections will take place in Estonia on May 26 2019.
  • Estonian citizens abroad can elect electronically, by post or at the Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen.
  • Make sure your documents are valid.
  • Voter’s card will be sent on your email ( If you do not receive an email, but your personal data is at the Estonian Popular register, you can still vote. To check your data contact
  • For voting by post, one has to send an application with a copy of document to the embassy by April 26th 2019. The application can be sent electronically or with Post Nord to Frederiksgade 19, 4 1265 København. Filled ballot slip must reach the embassy by May 13 2019.
  • Election days in the Estonian Embassy in Denmark, Copenhagen are May 11 from 12.00-15.00 and May 15 from 12.00-16.00.
  • The election web page is
  • The electronic i-voting takes place from May 16 2019 (8.00 UTC/GMT +1) to May 22 2019 (17.00 UTC/GMT +1) around the clock.
  • For i-voting, you need your ID-card or a mobile-ID, and a computer. I-voting is not possible on a smart device. You do not need an electronic voter’s card for i-voting